Linda Boucher Artist
The Bridesmaids
Moleskine Notebooks
by Linda BoucherWedding Shoes with SparklesRed Satin Ballet Shoes
Original Oil Painting
by Linda BoucherWedding Pair
by Linda BoucherJade's Birthday Present
Original Oil Painting
by Linda BoucherBaby's First Steps
Original Oil Painting
by Linda Boucher
Shelli's ShoesRed Wedding Shoes
Oil on Canvas
by Linda BoucherApple Green Shoes
Oil On Canvas
by Linda BoucherMy Best Friend's Wedding
by Linda BoucherAdidas Shelltoes by Linda BoucherMiffy
by Linda BoucherBlue Twinkle Toes
Original Oil Painting
by Linda BoucherBallet Pointe Shoes
by Linda BoucherWoman with Red Fascinator
Original Oil Painting
by Linda BoucherSugar Plum Pointe Shoes
by Linda BoucherA Gift Boucher
Like a Voucher, but Better.Shoes & Roses
Greetings CardDaughter's Birthday
Greetings Card
by Linda BoucherMother's Birthday
Greetings Card
by Linda BoucherHappy Birthday Dad
Greetings Card
by Linda BoucherTo My Wonderful Wife
Greetings Card
by Linda BoucherTo Have and to Hold
Greetings Card
by Linda BoucherCongratulations
Greetings Card
for Paperlink
If you would like to commission a painting, just let me know

On the left are a selection of paintings that I have created for people in the past, so although they are no longer available for sale, they'll give you some ideas of what you could have.

Also, take a look at paintings currently for sale, and my prints. If you see something you like, but would like different colours or a different size- just let me know.

I can paint your shoes, you, or objects from your home and life that mean something to you.

Let me know what you have in mind, and I can give you an idea of the price, and a time frame.

As a guide, the shoe paintings and still lifes are generally the same price as the ones currently for sale starting at £145 for a 50cm square painting. Portraits start at £300.

I try to be as flexible as possible- so even if you just have a vague idea of what you might like, do get in touch and we can discuss it.