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Shoes are such an integral part of a wedding outfit, and yet they end up in a shoe box, never to be seen again. Hanging a portrait of the shoes in a bedroom or hallway, is a lovely reminder of a happy day, but also a great symbol of unity.

If you can sneak the shoes out to me without the bride or groom noticing, all the better (get that balaclava on, and run!), but if that isn't possible, I can work from your photographs.

I know that Weddings and Civil Partnerships can be stressful, and I try my very best to ensure that this gift will be delivered in plenty of time, and with a minimum of fuss.

Commissions start at £145
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The perfect wedding gift, commission a portrait of the happy couple's wedding shoes.
Wedding Pair
by Linda Boucher
oil paint on canvas
24"x30" 60cmx80cm