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Karla snuck into her best friend's house, stole her wedding shoes and brought them to me to paint.

Your wedding shoes carried you up the aisle, held you up during the endless photographs, didn't complain when they were stood on during your first dance. And, they didn't judge when you drank too much champagne!

A painting to honour these important shoes is the perfect way to immortalize them, and to stop you feeling guilty for never wearing them again.

If you've already had your wedding, and would like a painting of your shoes, dig them out from under the bed, and bring them to me!

If you are buying these as a gift, you can either follow Karla's example, and sneak them down to me- or, take some photos and I can work from those.

Commissions start at £145
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A beautiful gift for a modern bride. A bespoke painting of the bridal shoes, a wonderful reminder of the happiest day of her life. Original Oil on canvas by Linda Boucher
My Best Friend's Wedding
by Linda Boucher
oil paint on canvas