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Another little painting on canvas board. I'm really enjoying doing them, and learning alot about color, and also about painting small (my personal nemesis).

As with "Tablets of Love", I wanted to paint white objects- to play with the colors in the shadows. So, I popped along to Ceramic Mike's studio (in arch 229) to borrow a ceramic cow, and a salt shaker... have to say I was tempted to keep the cow!

Anyways, I enjoyed painting them, and feel proud that for the first time in I don't know how long, I didn't pick up a tube of red or pink oil paint.


white ceramic cow, salt shaker and a single white rose feature in this study of neutral shades of oil paint, by Brighton artist Linda Boucher
Salt Beef
by Linda Boucher
oil on canvas board
24cmx30cm (12"x9.5")