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An original oil painting, on a large canvas, featuring objects that I find beautiful and fun.

Light reflects off the two disco balls, and shines through the Coca Cola bottle, the perfume bottle and the red, heart shaped glass paper weight. The heart shaped candy box towards the back of the picture, has a soft velvet feel, and a pretty pink rose decoration.

But, the star of the show is the Smurf. I loved Smurfs as a child, and this little guy was one of my prized possessions. I'm excited that he can now be the star of this show.

You can see more photos, including 'work in progress' shots here

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Original oil painting on canvas, by Brighton artist Linda Boucher. Coca cola bottle, hearts disco balls, and a small Smurf figure. Light reflects from the mirror balls, and through the glass bottles and objects.
Still Life with a Smurf
oil paint on canvas
24"x32" (60cmx80cmx4cm)