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Pink Panties on a washing line decorate the cover of this legendary brand of Moleskine notebook.

Each notebook is individually illustrated- a really useful and beautiful piece of art for you to pop into your pocket or your purse.

If you'd like to order a notebook that has been personalized especially for you- or if the notebook is a gift, and you'd like me to add a special note- just *let me know!


A unique, quirky Moleskine journal, by unique and quirky artist Linda Boucher. Linda works in an arch on Brighton Seafront, previously used by local fisher folk. Her studio, come gallery is open to the public, and she's busy painting most of the year. Whe
Pink Panties
Moleskine Cahier Notebook
by Linda Boucher
mixed media
3.5"x5.5" (9cmx14cm)